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Goldanhänger Pferd Little Bijou
Sold out
Gold pendant horse
Regular price CHF 50.00
Goldanhänger Kreuz Zirkonia Little Bijou
Gold pendant cross zirconia
Regular price CHF 145.00
Goldanhänger Partnermünze Herz Little Bijou
Gold pendant partner coin heart
Regular price CHF 235.00
Goldanhänger Delfin Little Bijou
Gold pendant dolphin
Regular price CHF 75.00
Goldanhänger Engel Kreuz Little Bijou
Gold pendant angel cross
Regular price CHF 85.00
Goldanhänger Herz Gravurplatte Little Bijou
Gold pendant heart engraving plate
Regular price CHF 165.00

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Goldanhänger Marienkäfer Little Bijou
Gold pendant ladybug
Regular price CHF 45.00
Goldanhänger Giraffe Little Bijou
Gold pendant giraffe
Regular price CHF 70.00
Goldanhänger Engel Gravurplatte Glatt gross Little Bijou
Gold pendant angel engraving plate smooth large
Regular price CHF 110.00
Gelbgoldanhänger Engel Herz Rückseite Gravur Little Bijou
Yellow gold pendant angel heart engraving on the back
Regular price CHF 85.00
Goldanhänger Kleeblatt Kreis Little Bijou
Gold pendant clover leaf circle
Regular price CHF 75.00
Goldanhänger Fussball Little Bijou
Gold pendant football
Regular price CHF 55.00
Goldanhänger Partnermünze Teilmatt Little Bijou
Gold pendant partner coin partially matt
Regular price CHF 235.00
Goldanhänger Engel gehämmert Little Bijou
Gold pendant angel hammered
Regular price CHF 130.00

Children's & baby jewelry

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With us you will find the right jewelry items for your baby, your daughter, your son, your goddaughter, your godson or even your grandchildren. There are no restrictions on expression and extravagance when it comes to children's or baby jewelry. The items are perfect for expressing taste and design. They are the best compliment for a radiant child.

Jewelry made of gold or silver

This is definitely a matter of taste. All of our items are made of 14k gold or 925 silver. So there are no allergic reactions to nickel like with cheap fashion jewelry. Baby jewelry is not a child's toy. Careful handling is required and parents are responsible for supervision.

Jewelry for many occasions

The jewelry should also be worn appropriately for the occasion. For extraordinary events such as a baptism, a birth, a wedding, a visit to a restaurant or a birthday, we offer a large selection to suit.

Jewelry as a fantastic gift idea

It's not for nothing that jewelry is the first choice when it comes to the perfect gift idea. Jewelry tailored specifically to babies makes girls' or boys' dreams come true. This jewelry particularly impresses with child-friendly designs, with the jewelry being available in the form of lucky charms, angels, flowers or animals, as well as in attractive shapes. Colored or glittering jewelry is also popular with little princesses and is often given as a gift for birth or christening. However, it is important that baby jewelry is suitable for everyday use so that playing and running around is not hindered by the jewelry. That's why parents often choose beautiful jewelry for babies, which is of course also available in the jewelry online shop.